1999 Suburban LT – 3000 (3k) miles on new engine (still under warranty) $5500

1999 Suburban LT – 3000 (3k) miles on new engine (still under warranty)


front view front view

back view back view



This has been a great family car for us. It has 3 benches that easily seat 3 people per bench (total of 9 people). It’s hard to find a 9-seater anymore. The front bench has a center section that folds down for storage or an armrest if you don’t have anyone sitting there.

The middle bench folds flat and even with the floor (60/40 bench split), and the back bench can be removed so you have 4’x8′ interior space just like the bed of a fullsize pickup truck, except it’s covered. You can get full size sheets of sheetrock or plywood in it.


middle bench folded down rear bench removed

8′ rear bed (rear bench removed) 8′ rear bed (rear bench removed)

4′ wide 4′ wide



If you leave the rear bench in, it can fold down but does not go even with the floor.


middle bench folded down, rear seat still upright middle bench folded down, rear seat folded down



The leather seats are awesome. They clean up easily and don’t stain. As you can see in the pictures, they’re in great shape.


front seat front seat

middle seat view from the front



Behind the last bench is a cavernous trunk area.


trunk (rear bench installed) trunk (rear bench installed)



The rear is a tailgate and not “barn doors”. The barn door style, which is pretty common on the road, initially looks nice but you end up with a big vertical obstruction in your rearview mirror. The tailgate option gives you an unobstructed view and is great for football games.


tailgate just upper half (glass) open



We bought the Suburban with 30,000+ miles on it and now it has 192,000. We replaced the engine at 189,000 miles so it only has 3000 miles on the new engine. It’s a genuine GM engine and still has 18 months on the warranty. (36 month / 100,000 mile warranty, whichever comes first.) I have the paperwork for the warranty and it transfers with the vehicle.

Our kids are getting older and moving out of the house so we’re downsizing our vehicles and our house. We no longer need a 9-passenger vehicle to go on vacation.

This car reminds me of a tough old army seargant. There are a few cosmetic issues but it’s a powerful solid beast.

We get about 15-17 mpg in town and higher on highway (20+ mpg).


side view, doors open luggage rack

new engine 192k, full tank of gas

mirror with temperature front view




  • Very cold A/C, front and rear
  • Power windows, locks, etc
  • CD player
  • Dark privacy glass
  • Standard stuff like air bags, ABS brakes
  • Four wheel drive
  • Leather seats (no stains)
  • Middle bench has fold down cupholder
  • Running boards
  • Tow package
  • Alloy wheels
  • Tailgate (easier to see out back window compared to “barn door” option)
  • Luggage rack
  • Extra power outlets
  • Full size spare
  • 5.7L 350 V8 engine (with 18 months left on warranty)
  • Temperature and compass direction on rearview mirror
  • Tires with minimal wear
  • Full tank of gas

A few minor issues:

  • Sometimes the door locks don’t all lock or unlock with the inside button, but the lock/unlock button on the rear tailgate always works
  • We have 6 kids so while the seats are in great shape, there have been a few spills over the years. We cleaned the carpets occasionally but there’s still some wear on them.